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Fandom Pumpkins!

Carve or Paint your Fandom Jack-O-Lanterns

The BIG Fandom Jack-O-Lantern Contest
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All Members , Moderated
Carve or paint a pumpkin using a theme from your fav fandom and submit it here for competition!
Like Halloween pumpkin carving? Have a favorite anime, sci-fi, fantasy, etc fandom? This is the place for you!

Step 1: Join the community (der)
Step 2: Carve your pumpkin, using a theme from your favorite fandom.
Step 3: Photograph the evidence!
Step 4: Post an entry with your 1-4 photos here, showcasing your work to be judged
Step 5: Comment on at least 5 other entries judging them 1-10 with 10 being the highest, on the following categories:

1: Creativity - Judging on the ingenuity of the idea itself
2: Quality of Execution - How well the concept is carried out
3: Difficulty - How intricate is the design? Harder, more intricate carvings/paintings get higher ranks
4: Overall Concept - How well you think the J.O.L works, overall

Be sure to post how many previous judgings you have completed in each new judging. For example, if this is your 5th and final required judging: "(4) Creativity: 7/10, Quality of Exec: 4/10)... etc" This is just so I can keep track of who's done what and not get overwhelmed keeping up with everyone.


1. You can submit as many J.O.L's as you want! Go to town, have a party! The more you submit, the higher your chances of winning!
2. You MUST judge 5 entries or more to be accepted as an entrant.
3. You cannot judge your own J.O.L.
4. You may feel free to post J.O.L's you have made in previous years in the Inspiration Post, but any entries for competition must have been carved or decorated this Halloween season.

I'm sure there are more rules that need to be covered, but I'll think of them as we go along!

If you have any questions, post them here: Questions Post

Happy carving and painting!

<3 morluna